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Be All You Can Dream

Joseph Business School:
Make Your Dream Come True

This all-day business simulation engages students in hands-on activities to experience the operation of an actual business. Students, working in teams, get to run actual businesses in a small setting. Teams have the chance to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges and awards will be given across several categories of performance.

Faith and the Marketplace
Faith and the Marketplace

Through these hands-on activities, students are taught:

  • Key principles of being an entrepreneur and how it contributes to creating jobs

  • Fundamentals of moving a business idea from concept to marketplace

  • What is meant by “marketing mix” and how that applies to a company effectively marketing their product or services

  • Operational and customer care problem-solving

  • At an introductory level, managing financial and human resources

  • At an introductory level, how to negotiate for business space

  • At an introductory level, how to use selling skills

  • At an introductory level, the important criteria for building a successful business

  • How to use delegation of duties skills

  • How to use Intra-team persuasion skills

Joseph Center
Faith and the Marketplace
Faith and the Marketplace

Upon completing the course, the student is equipped to demonstrate the fundamentals of moving a business idea from concept to marketplace, including:

  • Describing what is meant by the 5 P’s of Marketing mix

  • Conducting a 30 second audio advertisement and a 30 second video advertisement

  • Applying operational and customer care problem solving

  • Creating a plan that manages financial and human resources at a introductory level

  • Using negotiation skills to obtain business space from a group

  • Demonstrating selling skills among team members and with Board of Directors

  • Executing delegation skills among the team members

Joseph Center

To facilitate learning, Instructors & judges will monitor the activities, answer questions, and evaluate team efforts throughout the day’s session.