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It's time to make your dream a reality at the
Carver Innovation Center

In the Carver Innovation Center’s state-of-the-art workshop, you can fabricate your prototype using innovative equipment and resources. The Innovation Center provides training and free consultations with engineering and business experts to help empower you to bring your ideas to life. 



To give you foundational knowledge and hands-on experience with the center’s equipment, the Carver Innovation Center hosts training workshops regularly. If you would rather put the Innovation Center team to work for you, some on-demand design and fabrication services are available.

 The Carver Innovation Center is able to accommodate a wide variety of individuals or groups, from the solo entrepreneur developing the prototype for their next big product to school groups looking for hands-on and engaging STEM workshops.

Build your prototype using our state-of-the-art equipment

  • Stratasys 3D Printer (for making prototypes of new products)

  • Universal Laser System to cut and design on a variety of materials that includes but is not limited to wood, stone, glass, and acrylic

  • Roland Vinyl Cutter, the ultimate companion for print and cuts jobs

Our Inspiration and Vision

The Carver Innovation Center is the manifested vision of our leader and visionary, Dr. Bill Winston. The center is named in honor of the great African American scientist, inventor, and agricultural genius, Dr. George Washington Carver. Carver said that when he entered his laboratory, which he called, “God’s little workshop,” he would instantly be inspired to create something new. The Carver Innovation Center is just one part of the Joseph Center ecosystem that will help you realize your God-given potential. 


Innovation at work!

We invite you to come innovate... at Carver Innovation Center

Find out what others have made at Carver Innovation center!

For more information, please email us at: info@josephbusinessservices.com
it’s time for you to take flight.
“Create a plan and then attack it — a
dream without a plan is a wish.”
- Nipsey Hussle
it’s time for you to take flight.
“Create a plan and then attack it — a dream without a plan is a wish.”
- Nipsey Hussle