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Help us continue this good work that God has begun! Your tax-deductible donations will make an enormously positive difference to Joseph Center. We Thank you for your generous support!

ONE Foundation, Many WAYS TO Support

You have these options to support Joseph Center:

General Offering Foundation Watermark

General Offering Fund

Sowing Seeds of Grace

Sow seeds of grace and support a greater tomorrow by contributing to our General Offering Fund                                                    

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Joseph Center Foundation Fund

Supporting the Vision

Join us in supporting the vision of the Joseph Center foundation by giving to our dedicated fund                                                    

Carver Innvation Center

Technology & Innovation Center Fund                   

Innovating with Purpose

Join us in innovating with purpose by supporting the Joseph Center Foundation's Technology Fund

Global Outreach Foundation Watermark

Global Outreach Fund

Empower the World

Your generosity can empower communities around the world. Join us in making a positive impact by contributing to our Global Outreach Fund

Corporate Sponsorship Foundation Watermark

Corporate Sponsorship Fund

Partnering for Purpose

Elevate your corporate impact by partnering with Joseph Center Foundation.                                                                                                   

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Business & Leadership Conference Fund

Igniting Faith

Join us in igniting the flames of faith by supporting our Business and Leadership Conference Fund.

What your Gift

Find out what your gift does for the community when you help to support the Joseph Center