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Pitch Competition

Our annual Pitch Competition, hosted by the Small Business Development Center at The Joseph Center, provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs throughout the world to showcase products and services that have a measurable kingdom impact, demonstrate the potential for commercialization and scalability, and fill a need that solves real problems in the marketplace.

Each year, we see individuals share their conceptual ideas, start-ups, and established businesses to a panel of judges in hopes of securing capital for their business. Cash prizes are awarded to the three highest-rated contestants in the final round of the Pitch Competition, with our First-Place winner receiving $10,000!

Although we only award monetary prizes to those with the top three scores, much is to be gained by simply being a participant. Pitching your business or idea to a series of judges requires skill, poise, and intention. The process alone is enough to provide enormous insight to anyone looking to go before a company or organization with hopes of them buying into your product or service.