Faith and the Marketplace | R.I.S.E.


If you or someone you love has experienced instances of short-term and long-term detention and incarceration, R.I.S.E. can help restore value, self-worth, and hope. Through getting you connected to means of employment, education, and entrepreneurship as tools for developing self-sufficiency, we’ll help you take ownership of your future and rise above whatever has been keeping you down.

Faith and the Marketplace

You’ll receive comprehensive reentry planning, pre-release, as we address your spiritual and practical needs so you’re ready to rejoin your community.

Educational, employment, and entrepreneurial training will assist you with mapping goals and connect you to the resources you need for a successful transition back into your community. Upon release, you’ll be connected to the services outlined in your reentry plan and supported by R.I.S.E. to assist with transitions into gainful employment, educational training, and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.

The R.I.S.E. Comprehensive Reentry Planning focuses on five areas:

  • Faith
  • Critical Decision-Making
  • Workforce Preparedness
  • Technology
  • Financial Literacy


Courses covering each area are conducted inside correctional facilities providing support for you or your loved one and their plans upon release. R.I.S.E. will set you up for success as you walk through what can be a difficult transition.

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