The Joseph Center® is a multi-faceted business community that empowers leaders to take ownership of their future by developing their skills and increasing their faith to maximize potential, create wealth, and dominate in the marketplace.

In today's world, being a successful entrepreneur requires skills such as creating and implementing a business plan, building and managing budgets, securing financing, designing and executing effective marketing strategies, deploying the right technolgy, negotiating, managing teams, innovating fresh solutions, and perservering through difficulties. At The Joseph Center®, you will be able to develop all of these things and more - including the ability to release the power of God through faith in order to make your dreams a reality.

"When you believe it and you
speak it,
god gets involved."
Dr. bill winston
"When you believe it and you speak it, god gets involved."
Dr. bill winston

The Joseph Center® exists because of the God-given vision and passion within Dr. Winston to empower believers to rise up and overcome whatever is keeping them down, to elevate their leadership, and to create and own businesses that advance the Kingdom of God around the world.

The Joseph Center is named after a leader in the Bible named Joseph. God gave him powerful dreams about his future, but the people around him laughed at him. He persevered through years of trials and struggles, but God was with him through it all. Ultimately, Joseph became one of the most powerful leaders in the ancient world through doing business God’s way. He reshaped the economic systems of the culture and saved millions of people from starvation in the middle of a widespread famine.

We believe you have the potential to reshape communities and cultures, creating generational wealth and eradicating generational poverty ... just like Joseph did. The environment at the Joseph Center is designed to open your eyes and elevate your leadership, enabling you to tap into the unlimited power of God’s Spirit—all so you can take ownership of your future. You can be a part of a community that’s designed to empower you to dominate the marketplace.


Too many of us have a dream in our hearts but we feel trapped by environments, beliefs, and systems that keep us down , leaving our divine potential locked up to the point that we've lost hope for a better future.

You even wonder if you should give up on your dreams ...
... of a vocation that provides for a healthy, productive life.
... of a successful business you own that's financially sound and consistently profitable.
... of scaling your current business to the next level and beyond.
... of creating a culture-shifting business model that makes a positive difference in the world—for good.

What if you could maximize your divine potential in ways that empower you to take ownership of your future, create wealth for you and those around you, and rise above an oppressive economic system?


The Joseph Center is the place where you can elevate your leadership to realize your business dreams.

Through our faith-filled approach, you'll unleash the divine potential God placed inside you, learning to leverage the power of belief that will propel your business dream to the next level.

With the power of God's Spirit as the foundation, our team of spiritually mature marketplace professionals will empower you with the skills you need to hear clearly from God about His dream for you and then develop the leadership skills to make it happen.

The Joseph Center is a faith-infused, practically based business incubator that will empower you with both the beliefs and the skills to realize your God- given dreams. Whether you're just getting started or if you've got a solid business you want to take to new heights, the Joseph Center is the place for you.

You have the ability to fly. And the Joseph Center will empower you to elevate your leadership to realize your business dreams so you can experience the life that is rightfully yours in Jesus—life on a whole new level.